Covana Oasis Spa Cover

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Enjoy an automated solution that elevates above your spa with the simple turn of a key. Eliminate the daunting task of lifting a heavier cover from your spa experience.

Spa pleasure simplified all year round - Covana products offer solutions to cover spas and swim spas. It is fully automated and can be raised and lowered using the safety key switch. You no longer have to fight to remove the cover manually. In addition, Covana's weather sealing system and high insulating value ensure optimal heat retention resulting in savings of water, energy and maintenance products

Product Description - Advantages Comparison

Locks to prevent intruders?

  • The Oasis provides you peace of mind when you are away to ensure no one enters your spa.
  • The Oasis can't blow off in the wind leaving you open to liability issues and leave your yard unsafe for small children and animals.
  • The Oasis allows your teenagers in your spa when you want them there - not when they want.

Optional privacy and seclusion?

  • The Oasis has shades for the utmost in privacy.
  • The Oasis has screens for moderate privacy.

Ease of use and ease of entry?

  • With the simple turn of a key, you can enjoy your spa in even the worst weather.
  • Your spa is opened or closed by simply turning the key.

Green? Easy on the environment?

  • The landfill receives 1.2 million discarded traditional spa covers a year.
  • Life of a traditional hot tub cover is 2-3 years.
  • The Oasis will last the life of your spa.

Custom seal for your spa?

  • With the Oasis you save on chemicals and cost of heating water. Oasis is a sealed unit thereby keeping chemicals, heat and water from escaping.

Cost effective?

  • Gazebo, cover and cover lifter = £10,000.00 plus. Oasis is much less and easier to use.

Stands up to heavy snow loads?

  • The Oasis holds up to 600 lbs of snow load.
  • Some gazebos have collapsed under the weight of snow.

Garden view?

  • When closed, the Oasis does not obstruct your garden view.
  • When soaking, your view is not obstructed by gazebo panel.
  • The Oasis is not a permanent structure and does not require a building permit.

Sealed unit?

  • The Oasis is a sealed unit keeping bugs, leaves and dirt out.
  • A gazebo needs constant attention to keep bugs, cobwebs, leaves and dirt out.

COVANA: Your Automated Answer

There are 2 colour choices - Mocha or Slate

Shades are optional

This item is not available on-line but only via a local approved retailer. Please contact us to find your nearest dealer.

We bought our second hot tub at Olympic Hot Tubs this past August. We had been looking at them for about a year, because we were moving into a new house and wanted to be sure we got the perfect one for our new house. After many trips in, we finally decided the Envoy model would best suit us. We had also seen the new Covana cover on our many trips in, but we were on the fence because it was a little pricey. It just looked so nice and seemed so easy to operate, when we were finally ready to buy, we splurged and got the Covana too. There is not a single day I regret that decision! Both the hot tub and the cover are wonderful! I highly would recommend either to anyone. The Covana is totally worth the extra cost, and SO easy to operate. We think it is much better than the regular flip over covers which get heavy and have to be replaced. Plus, it is really impressive. Everyone that has come over to our house has remarked how much they like the set up and how envious they are. We have our own little cabana now out on our deck and can enjoy our back yard any time of year. Again, I would highly recommend the Envoy and Covana cover!!
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