Swimspa Thermal Blanket 2.5m x 5m

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Swimspa Thermal Blanket 2.5m x 5m

Designed to float on the water's surface, the floating spa blanket is lightweight and durable. It protects and extends the life of your hot tub cover while significantly reducing heat loss and chemical evaporation/ consumption

8mm Pyramid Foam® covers are made from chemically bonded antimicrobial treated closed cell polyethylene foam. 500gm2 which makes them suitable for all indoor commercial and domestic Pools and Swimspas. Giving a considerable heat saving on fuel bills from the reduction of heat loss and evaporation from the pool surface.

Pyramid Foam® covers are supplied in a standard rectangle shape but can easily to be cut to size or to the curves of your swimspa. Just with a pair of scissors.

Pyramid Foam covers should not be used above 44oC (110oF).

Important Features:

  • Closed cell chemically cross-linked bonded polyethylene foam.
  • Pyramid under pattern.
  • 3 layer sandwich construction for super strength and high insulation. Available in 6mm
  • Top layer 240gm2 tough reinforced woven material, available in mid-blue or white .
  • Foam middle layer to ISO 845 33Kg/m3. Thermal conductivity ASTM C177 0.0420 w/mK @ 400C.
  • Under film, new thicker 60gm2 film, for strong ware protection & greater water resistance.
  • Foam middle layer now incorporates Ultra•Fresh® antimicrobial treatment for lasting freshness protection against bacteria, mould, mildew & fungi.


Whether you order white or blue the underside is blue.


  • Pyramid under pattern so the pool cover does not pick up water from the pool when being rolled up. This reduces the weight of the rolled up cover and reduces the chance of bacteria growing on the cover.
  • Matching welding tape to give seamless appearance.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Material lies flat when welded.
  • Totally inert having no effect on water quality.
  • Eco friendly with 44oC max temperature.

Comparative Sales Note :

"Bubble" type floating blankets available from other UK sellers are NOT to be confused with our Thermal Blankets

"Bubble" type blankets are weak in comparison as they do not have the energy efficiency and are also prone to movement when your spa operates it's pumps when filtering and heating.

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