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Shake-A-Vac Spa Vacuum

Vacuums Portable Spas & Above-Ground Pools
The long-reach Shake-a-Vac II is the easiest way to rid debris from the bottom of your hot tub or above-ground pool. Vacuums up: sand, grass, grit, bugs, etc. No awkward hoses to connect, bags to empty, or expensive batteries to replace!

The Vac that's also great for Draining!
Unlike ordinary spa vacs, you can also use the Shake a Vac II for draining portable spas, soft tubs and inflatable spas with its unique shake-to-start siphon.

Shake-a-Vac Spa Pool Vacuum

Self-Priming Siphon!
Just insert the wand into the water and shake it up & down a few times using long, fast strokes. Presto! The siphon action starts, and the Shake-a-Vac II sucks up debris. (For maximum water flow, shake again after a few seconds). Features flexible 8 foot hi-flow discharge hose for vacuuming or draining as needed.

Spa & Pool Drain & Vac

Hands Down: Simply the Best Design
The Shake-a-Vac's inventor claimed it to be the first water vac to start its own siphon. We were skeptical at first. Then we tried it, and were so impressed we guarantee: you'll be delighted as well.

Hose Vacuum Shake-a-Vac II Saves Water & Chemicals
Don't waste your money on a cumbersome water-powered vac which must be connected to a garden hose. In use, they add up to 50 gallons of water to your spa, overfilling and diluting chemicals. Shake-a-Vac II is a more efficient vacuum design which sucks up debris, yet drains only a gallon or two during a typical cleaning.

Shake-a-Vac II also makes a great gift.

Product Notes: 36" long-reach wand with 8 ft. drain/vac discharge hose. The Shake-a-Vac II uses gravity siphon action, so your hot tub, pool or pond must be above ground level. For in-ground/below-grade applications where a siphon won't work, choose one of our other popular vacs

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